lo-fi jazz.

Von Tirnau is an alter ego of the musician and producer Dusan Vanco, best known under the Foolk moniker. The whole story began sometimes at the turn of the millennium when he frequented the Art Jazz club in Piestany, which was at the time owned by jazzman Dodo Sosoka. The concerts and the fascinating atmosphere left their mark on Dusan which gradually surfaced in his work. Von Tirnau (pronounced 'fon tirnau') is a one-man project which conceptually samples Czechoslovak jazz music from the period before 1989. This was a suppressed, politically normalized, but at the same time spontaneous and authentic kind of jazz. Von Tirnau was born in 2017, but reflects hours of listening, searching and combining the right recordings. The cut & paste mosaic of a variety of samples morphs into a complex collage with a tasteful dose of electronic music, while staying true to genuine jazz.


ep Tangram Animals.


drums by Michal Skacel; exciting collection of samples from Czechoslovak jazz records by Dusan Vanco.